Friday, February 15, 2013

Respones & Reflections

Each student has been learning new researching skills to help with data collection on cancer awareness. They are now compiling all of their research and ideas in their Service Spiral to create responses and reflections. A few of the questions used to spark dialogue and reflections are:

Research Based:

1. What is cancer and why does it exist?

2. Who is affected by cancer?

3. How can we help solve the problem?


4. What have you learned since the beginning of this project?

5. What does this project mean to you?


*All students are publishing their reflections onto using their iPads and are continually adding new responses. Students are eagerly waiting for responses & comments from others: Check It Out!

We Reached Our $2,500 Goal!

Thanks to Maverick Capital Foundation and all the wonderful supporters we have gone above and beyond our goal of $2,500 - we are now at $3,145!  We haven't stopped there...many students and family members have signed up on race day to help show their support.  And children are still bringing in spare change to help the cause!

You can help our class too by donating or signing up for The Head for the Cure held on March 17th!  

Help spread the word and end brain cancer!  

Head for the Cure - Austin 2013 Fundraising - Cancer Isn't the Answer: Barton Creek Elementary

Monday, February 4, 2013

World Cancer Day

Today, February 4th, is World Cancer Day! World Cancer Day is a time when people all around the world take a stand against cancer.  My students came together today to think about all those affected by this deadly disease. Friends, parents, grandparents, siblings, teachers and even our beloved pets are faced with cancer.  Each child put someone they "Stand Up For" on a "I Stand Up For"  card which I put out on our Service Wall.  

Inside their Service Spiral they brainstormed why World Cancer Day is so important and came up with amazing answers:

  • To spread awareness on how to help prevent cancer
  • Show support for those affected
  • To Remember
  • To be Thankful
  • To raise and donate money for Cancer Organizations
We also took a moment to watch the Stand Up 2 Cancer PSA; found at  Who do you stand up for?