Thursday, January 24, 2013

Excitement in the Air

There is nothing like receiving a package in the mail! Today, both classes unwrapped their packages from WWF and LiveStrong.  It was awesome seeing the reaction from each student - the air was definitely filled with excitement!  

My morning class took part in a word web to fully understand what LiveStrong meant to them.  We discussed why it is important to spread the word that LiveStrong is not about just one person, but more about the millions of people affected by cancer each day.  Each student decided on one word that properly expressed what LiveStrong meant to them.  As they put their word on the board, they were able to pick up their bracelet and put it on.  Surprisingly, this small activity was extremely powerful. 

My afternoon class was shocked to see how generous World Wildlife Fund is with their donations.  The packages we received from adopting the animals was truly spectacular.  With each adoption the class got a certificate of adoption, a letter from WWF, informational cards on the animal, an awesome stuffed animal, a reusable WWF bag and of course the feeling of accomplishment!

It was truly an awesome day at school today!  I am blessed to work with incredible, hard-working kids each day!

All of the wonderful goodies from WWF 
Tiger and Snow Leopard Adoption

Word Web

100 LiveStrong Bracelets


  1. Great job BCE 4th graders!
    Keep up your hard work and dedication to others.

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  3. Way to go 4th graders : ) What a difference you can make when you try! You should be very proud!