Monday, November 12, 2012

Getting Started

The opportunity to work in Eanes ISD has been incredible, and now I am being funded through EEF to be enrolled in Texas State Master's program through PTEP. I'm studying Special Education with an emphasis on Learning Disabilities.  In this program, we are asked to take part in a research based project of our interest.  After much thought, research and reading, I have decided to focus my studies on Service-Learning.

I will be working with my fourth grades students to create two seperate service-learning projects this year.  I am allowing the students to come up with a topic they are interested and passionate about. I will be integrating our every day lessons into the project, which will allow for your students to gain knowledge through service projects. I can't wait to see what these fourth grades will create!

Miss Schumann 
Barton Creek Elementary

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  1. Dear Miss Schumann
    We are looking forward to getting our own iPads and starting with our 1:1 in the classroom.
    Again like you all we too work around our interests . Each child chooses what they are interested in for the term and shares their learning at the end of the term. You can visit us at