Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Cancer Project Names

My morning class came together today to find a name for our project this year.  We will be working on many different mini-projects throughout the year on the subject of cancer. In order to bring us together as a group, we thought it would be best to come up with a catchy group name. 

Each student came up with an idea and wrote it on a post-it note.  We then came together to compile the ideas onto a class chart.  We had a great discussion about some of the names and how each student came up with them (they always amaze me how creative they can be in such a short amount of time). 

I am excited to announce that our cancer project name is: 
Cancer Isn't the Answer 


  1. Mrs. Schumann, LOVE your blog! Saw the post on Edmodo, and came right over to check it out. I'm getting some great ideas from the work your students have done. Excited to continue following the projects throughout the rest of this school year!

  2. I started a project for kids with cancer..I was looking at names and this inspired me to go through with my project thank you

    1. You're Welcome! Let me know how it turns out.